[Kpop Planet News] ATEEZ Hongjoong Donate 50M KRW To Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation

[Kpop Planet News] ATEEZ Hongjoong Donates 50M KRW To Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation

ATEEZ's captain Hongjoong donated to children suffering from cancer in celebration of ATINY Day.

On November 17, the 5th anniversary of the foundation day of ATEEZ's fandom ATINY, the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation announced that it has received 50 million KRW in the name of Hongjoong and ATINY. The donation will be used to support the medical expenses of children diagnosed with pediatric cancer and rare diseases. 

Suh Sun-won, the Secretary-General of the Korean Leukemia Children's Foundation expressed gratitude to Hongjoong and the fandom, saying that "I am thankful for (Hongjoong and his fans for) sending warmth and love to children with pediatric cancer to commemorate this meaningful day."

He also wished that Hongjoong and his fans can continue to spread positive influence and raise public awareness on pediatric cancer patients. 

The donation is generated from the entrance fee of Hongjoong's "Walker A" film photography exhibition held earlier this month, alongside his personal contribution.

Hongjoong said that he is grateful to share the love he received from his fans in a meaningful way, adding that he hopes children suffering from cancer can overcome the illness without giving up treatment due to economic difficulties and dream of a bright future. 

Last year on his 25 year old birthday, Hongjoong donated 10 million won revenue from his first solo film photo exhibition "FROM NOVEMBER 7, 1988" to World Vision to help children to pursue their dream of becoming musicians.

Many ATINY shared Hongjoong's good deed on social media, commenting that they are very proud of his action and that they appreciate his kindness and generosity. 



Apart from making donation, ATEEZ has also prepared various activities to celebrate the ATINY Day with fans, including an online party held in the ATEEZ Hi-Five Village on ATEEZ's official platform. The members will also be holding a live boardcast at 20:30 KST to share the joy of this important day with ATINY. 



Meanwhile, ATEEZ will be making a comeback with their second full-length album, "THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL", on December 1st at 2 PM KST. This is not only ATEEZ's second comeback this year, but also marks the end of the group's "The World Trilogy" following "The World EP.1: Movement" in July last year and "The World EP.2: Outlaw" released in June this year.

ATEEZ have previously revealed various contents including four sets of concept photos, an official trailer, and track list of the album. The album will consist of 12 tracks with "Crazy Form" as the title song. More details and contents will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. 

Happy birthday to ATINY and let's wish the pirate kings a successful comeback next month!  


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