Kpop Planet delivers latest K-pop products right to your door no matter where you are. 

The average processing time is approximately three (3) to ten (10) business days. The processing time can also be affected by the stock status of individual items, Manufacturer's business conditions, transportation traffic, national holidays, etc. For orders with more than two (2) items, the processing time will be based on the item with the longest processing time.

The delivery usually takes between three (3) to ten (10) days for most orders. The exact time depends on different factors including the items you purchased, delivery location, customs, delayed shipping, etc. After you receive your tracking number, it may take 1 to 3 days for the tracking to be updated. If there is no update after three (3) days, please contact us and we will look into your order immediately.

We can't deliver your shipment in India, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and South Korea. 

Multiple orders with the same shipping address can be combined and shipped into one package in order for us to speed up the shipping process. If you do not want your orders to be combined into one shipment, please leave a note at checkout.

Since big and heavy packages have higher risk of damage, we divide a shipment into separate packages if necessary. Customs office authorities process and inspect a shipment based on the commercial invoice. Separating an order into multiple packages does not increase the number of deliveries as it is still one shipment only in multiple packages. Therefore, this does not affect the customs related process or shipping fee.

We will provide you with a tracking number once your order is dispatched. A link to the tracking page is provided in the shipping information by email. Tracking for a specific country will only be updated upon arrival of shipment in that country, so please don't worry if you're having trouble with tracking your item. If you are outside the standard delivery time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customs duty is a tax imposed on imported goods and is the responsibility of the importer. By purchasing our products, you agree that one or more packages may be shipped to you and subject to customs duties upon arrival in your country. You  are responsible for paying any import duty charges in order to receive the parcel. If you reject the parcel or your shipment is returned because you can't receive it for any reason, we will have to pay import duties in your country as well as in our country once the parcel arrives again, together with the shipping fee for the parcel on the return journey. We adjust the total duties and total shipping fee incurred against the amount paid by you and share the balance with you. Please note that you will not be entitled to a refund if there is no remaining balance after the fees are deducted.

If you plan to purchase our items as a holiday or occasional gift, we highly  recommend you to place your order before the holiday month because your shipment may not arrive on time due to high number of orders and heavy traffic. We are not responsible for items that do not arrive before a specific date.