[Kpop Planet News] Stray Kids Celebrates 6th Debut Anniversary With STAY Globally

[Kpop Planet News] Stray Kids Celebrates 6th Debut Anniversary With STAY Globally

Stray Kids celebrated their 6th debut anniversary through sharing various content on social media, drawing enthusiastic attention of STAY worldwide.

Yesterday (March 25) marks the 6th anniversary of Stray Kids debut. The group shared diverse photos and videos on their social media platforms to celebrate this important day with STAY all over the world.

At midnight on the day, Stray Kids released a group 4-cut photo with all eight members, demonstrating their strong bonding and long-lasting friendship. In the afternoon, the group uploaded individual and group photos and short challenge videos, showing their playful and funny side to STAY.



At 10 PM, Stray Kids held a live broadcast "SKZ’S MAGIC SCHOOL FEAST" on their YouTube channel. The "magic school" theme of the broadcast matches with the group's ongoing pop-up cafe and store events in support of their upcoming 4th fan meeting "SKZ'S Magic School", which will be held from March 29 to 31 at the KSPO Dome in Seoul. 

During the live streaming, the members actively interacted with STAY through instant chat. They also expressed their gratitude to STAY's continuous love and support by creating certificates to them. 



STAY globally flooded Stray Kids's social media channels, sending them messages congratulating their debut anniversary. Many also complimented the group's hard work and thanked them for their music throughout the past 6 years, promising them that STAY will continue to support Stray Kids in the future. 

Meanwhile, Stray Kids will be headlining various major music festivals overseas, including Italy's "I-Days" in Milan on July 12, "BST Hyde Park" in London on July 14, and "Lollapalooza Chicago" in the United States from August 1 to 4, proving the group's immense popularity internationally. 

Happy 6th anniversary to Stray Kids, and let's wish them a successful fan meeting! 

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