• Catch The Young - Catch The Young : Fragments of Youth
  • Catch The Young - Catch The Young : Fragments of Youth

Catch The Young - Catch The Young : Fragments of Youth

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🎵 Catch The Young - 1st Mini Album [ Catch The Young : Fragments of Youth ]


📅 Release Date :  November 1, 2023




Product Code :  L200002798

Product Barcode :  8804775367335

🎼 Track List

  1. My Own Way
  2. YOUTH!!! *TITLE 
  3. Talking To Myself 
  4. First Crush
  5. If You Love Me 
  6. The Way To You
  7. Cactus Boy

💿 Album Contents

  • Out Case: 155 x 215mm, 1ea, 1 version
  • CD-R: 118 x 118mm, 1ea, 1 version
  • Photo Book: 140 x 200mm, 120p, 1ea, 1 version
  • Photo Card: 55 x 85mm, random 2ea out of 10ea 
  • ID Photo: 100 x 150mm, random 1ea out of 2ea
  • Sticker: 190 x 140mm, 1ea, 1 version
  • Logo Tag: 30 x 100mm, 42 x 80mm, 1ea, 1 version
  • Handwritten Music Score: 280 x 200mm, 1ea, 1 version
  • Folded Poster: 360 x 254mm, 1ea, 1 version


📖 Album Description

The band idol Catch The Young is making their debut with their first mini-album, "[Catch The Young: Fragments of Youth]." Comprising of five members, San Yi, Gi Hoon, Nam Hyun, Jun Yong, and Jung Mo, who possess solid musical talent, instrumental skills, and captivating visuals, Catch The Young's music embodies stories that resonate with all generations, from the young generation embarking on endless adventures to those currently basking in the prime of their lives, and even those reminiscing about their youth.

They say the teenage and young adult years are the most radiant in one's life, but the people living through these moments don't always feel the brilliance of the time. They often suffer from worries about falling behind others, have trouble sleeping, and are easily hurt by trivial matters. Yet, the light within them shines as brightly as to dazzle the eyes. Catch The Young uses music to portray these brilliant moments of "youth" that everyone experiences at least once.

Catch The Young expresses their emerging emotions and message through the Alternative Pop-Rock genre. They redefine their music as "YOUTH POP-ROCK" and announce their new beginning. From their active pre-debut concert performances, Catch The Young has been gradually introducing this new "YOUTH POP-ROCK" to the public. Through their debut album, they are promising to lead the way in discussing the phase that everyone can relate to and setting a new trend.

Catch The Young's debut album, "Catch The Young: Fragments of Youth," encapsulates the subtle moments of youth that everyone may have encountered in their lives. From the unique "YOUTH POP-ROCK" genre's best representation, the title track "YOUTH!!!" to "My Own Way," "Talking To Myself," "기억조작단 (Memory Manipulation)," "If You Love Me," "널 만나러 가는 길 (The Road to Meet You)," and "선인장 소년 (Cactus Boy)," the album contains a total of seven songs, all composed by the members, and showcases their exceptional musicality and fresh appeal despite it being their debut album.

The first track, "My Own Way," portrays the moment of growth in which one overcomes the fear of an uncertain future and seeks their true self. The title track, "YOUTH!!!," highlighted by brilliant synthesizer sounds, depicts the pains of youth as they are overcome with positive energy. "Talking To Myself" illustrates the hesitancy and inexperience when one can't approach their crush easily. "기억조작단 (Memory Manipulation)" conveys the bitter memories of a first love that can never be fulfilled. Through the ballad "If You Love Me," where piano melodies and vocals blend beautifully, you can glimpse Catch The Young's delicate emotions. In "널 만나러 가는 길 (The Road to Meet You)," the song sings about the subtle happiness one feels when they like someone. Finally, "선인장 소년 (Cactus Boy)" metaphorically portrays the moments of wandering, wanting to be alone yet desiring companionship. The track combines grand string sounds and Catch The Young's depth of expression to convey genuine empathy and solace.


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