• HWANG YEONG WOONG - Autumn, Longing
  • HWANG YEONG WOONG - Autumn, Longing
  • HWANG YEONG WOONG - Autumn, Longing
  • HWANG YEONG WOONG - Autumn, Longing

HWANG YEONG WOONG - Autumn, Longing

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🎵 HWANG YEONG WOONG - 1st Mini Album [ Autumn, Longing ]


📅 Release Date :  October 30, 2023




Product Code :  L200002797

Product Barcode :  8804775367298

🎼 Track List

1. 꽃구경
2. 인사동 찻집
3. 황금빛 인생
4. 아버지의 노래
5. 꽃비
6. 함께해요
7. 꽃구경 (MR)
8. 인사동 찻집 (MR)
9. 황금빛 인생 (MR)
10. 아버지의 노래 (MR)
11. 꽃비 (MR)
12. 함께해요 (MR)

💿 Album Contents

  • Album Cover: 152 x 206mm, 1ea, 2 versions
  • CD-R: 118 x 118mm, 1ea, 2 versions
  • Lyrics Paper: 140 x 195mm, 1ea, 1 version
  • Poster: 620 x 440mm, random 1ea out of 2ea, 2 versions
  • Mini Poster: 140 x 195mm, random 1ea out of 4ea, 2 versions
  • Photo Card: 55 x 85mm, random 2ea out of 6ea, 2 versions
  • Handwriting Post Card: 100 x 150mm, 1ea, 2 versions
  • Handwriting Bookmark: 55 x 90mm, random 1ea out of 6ea


📖 Album Description

Hwang Young Woong is set to release his first mini-album, "<Autumn, Longing>," in October. This mini-album marks Hwang Young Woong's debut as a singer and is aptly titled "<Autumn, Longing>."

"<Autumn, Longing>" tells various stories about longing, including those for one's mother, lover, past times, and unforgettable memories. The album carries a message, wishing for each person to reminisce about their own longing as the autumn season, where emotions run deep, approaches. This mini-album is a classic trot album, consisting of six songs, which reflects Hwang Young Woong's determination to preserve the legacy of traditional trot among the many young trot artists who explore various genres. With the participation of renowned composers in the trot industry, this well-crafted adult contemporary album is expected to quench the thirst for solid adult music.

The title track of "<Autumn, Longing>" is "Flower Viewing," composed by Wi Jong Soo, who is known for "Cool Aroha" and Lee Jae Hoon's "I Love You." The double title tracks also include "Together" by Song Kwang Ho and Kim Cheol In, the composers of Hwang Young Woong's fiery trot competition song "When You're Not Watching," and "Hello to Halo." Particularly, "Flower Viewing" is a sentimental trot song that best showcases Hwang Young Woong's low to mid-range voice. It's a song filled with the son's poignant desire to take his departed mother on a flower viewing trip in the fall. The emotional lyrics, reminiscent of past memories, harmonize perfectly with the nostalgic sound, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. With Hwang Young Woong's deep low and mid-range voice and the chilly autumn weather as background, it's expected to maximize the autumn emotions. The other double title track, "Together," is a fan song that expresses gratitude to the fans who have been waiting. Hwang Young Woong participated in the songwriting, adding authenticity to this ballad trot. Additionally, Hwang Young Woong expressed his authenticity in this album by participating in the lyrics and composition, presenting his true self in his first self-composed song, "Flower Rain."

Through six songs in various styles, ranging from traditional trot to ballads and Korean traditional trot, Hwang Young Woong showcases his irreplaceable value as a distinct trot artist.


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