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 🎵 IVE - 1st EP Album [ I'VE MINE ]


📅 Release Date : October 13, 2023




Product Code : L100005949

Product Barcode : 8804775367021

🎼 Track List

1. Off The Record 
2. Baddie
3. Either Way 
4. Holy Moly
5. OTT
6. Payback

💿 Album Contents


  • Dust Jacket: 566 x 418mm, 1ea, 3 versions
  • Photo Book: 148 x 210mm, 92p, 1ea, 3 versions
  • CD-R: 1ea, 3 versions
  • Photocard: 55 x 85mm, random 1ea out of 6ea, 3 versions
  • Sticker (Pre-Order Only): 70 x 165mm, random 1ea out of 6ea
  • Photo: 102 x 152mm, random 1ea out of 6ea


  • Dust Jacket: 566 x 418mm, 1ea
  • Photo Book: 148 x 210mm, 92p, 1ea
  • CD-R: 1ea
  • Photocard: 55 x 85mm, random 1ea out of 6ea
  • Folded Poster: 250 x 360mm, random 1ea out of 6ea
  • Polaroid: 110 x 80mm, random 1ea out of 6ea


📖 Album Description

The irreplaceable icon of K-pop, IVE, is teasing another peak moment. From their expressions and performances that exude confidence, to music that confirms their identity, they are at the forefront of an intriguing transformation. They remain unwavering in expressing themselves. IVE's trajectory is becoming clearer and clearer.

IVE's first mini-album, "I'VE MINE," which has become a sensation simply by its existence, elegantly navigates between their unique color and daring changes. What's impressive is that IVE's new image transcends the realm of music, delivering a message of self-assurance while defying all expectations, fulfilling everyone's anticipation.

Triple Title Tracks - IVE's Infinite Variations

In this album, IVE reveals their diverse images as 'themselves' from various perspectives. The three title tracks, "Either Way," "Off The Record," and "BADDIE," represent "me as seen by others," "us discovering each other," and "another me I've found," respectively. They convey an infinite range of messages. The ways they express themselves are also diverse. They can provoke curiosity from a girl's perspective or touch emotions finely to evoke empathy. Each title track unfolds its concept according to the mood and style, showcasing distinct styles and moods that pique interest.

The pre-released title track "Either Way" is a song about feeling trapped by others' perspectives. Starting with a dreamy synth, this song creates a lyrical atmosphere that, combined with the members' emotive vocals, resonates with listeners. The lyrics, "Let's find our true selves amidst the misunderstandings caused by countless others' gazes," are thought-provoking, as sung by the singer-songwriter Seonwoo Jeonga.

Another pre-released title track, "Off The Record," expresses IVE's love style more familiarly. Written by Seo Jieum, who started with IVE, this song paints a vivid picture of IVE's secret late-night conversations. With a lively beat, the song evokes feelings of curiosity and bold imagination that can only be felt in the moments just before becoming an adult.

The final title track, "BADDIE," completely defies expectations. While conveying a message of self-assurance that's intrinsic to IVE's identity, it presents a bold IVE who is entirely a "different me." With lyrics by BIG Naughty, and an impressive, simple yet impactful sound with a powerful trap beat and unique electronic bass sound, this dark and daring track showcases IVE's distinctive appeal. The addictive hook and the powerful rap by the members are more than enough to experience IVE's unique charm like never before.

IVE's first mini-album, "I'VE MINE," maintains their distinctive color while unfolding an unpredictable image of limitless expansion. The overarching message remains unchanged. It's a story about "me," where my feelings are openly shared, and the essence of my charm is revealed without any effort to hide. IVE's unwavering expressions, styles that captivate everyone's tastes, and the continued stylish IVE syndrome are ongoing.


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