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🎵 Various Artists - Nexon Games [ BLUE ARCHIVE 2nd ANNIVERSARY OST ] (CD Album Package)


📅 Release Date :  December 18, 2023


Product Code : QMCD0008

Product Barcode : 8809888410138

🎼 Track List

[CD 01]
1. Neo City Dive - KARUT
2. Pixel time - Mitsukiyo
3. Hue - KARUT
4. Koi is love - Mitsukiyo
5. Luminous memory - Mitsukiyo
6. Water Drop - KARUT
8. Bunny Bunny Carrot Carrot - Mitsukiyo
9. OperationD - Nor
10. someday, sometime - KARUT

[CD 02]
1. Colorful Mess - KARUT
2. Vivid Night - Nor
3. Snow Pantomime - Mitsukiyo
4. Barrier - KARUT
5. Black Suit - KARUT
6. Crucial Issue - Nor
7. Formless Dream - Mitsukiyo
8. Oxygen Destroyer - KARUT
9. Undefined Behavior - KARUT
10. GGF - Nor
11. Hello to Halo - Nor

💿 Album Contents

  • Out Box: 203 x 152 x 55mm, 1ea
  • Digipack: 140 x 190 x 13mm, 1ea
  • CD-R: 120 x 120mm, 2ea
  • Photo Book: 190 x 140mm, 32p, 1ea
  • 2024 Calendar: 190 x 132mm, 26p, 1ea
  • Yuzu's Ticket: 140 x 70mm, 1ea
  • Keyring From Momoi: 68 x 110mm, Metal, 1ea
  • Photocard: 55 x 85mm, 6ea
  • Special Item Coupon: 85 x 115mm, 1ea
  • Special Poster (First Press Only): 423 x 590mm, 1ea

📖 Album Description

The OST album package for the 2nd anniversary of the global launch of [Blue Archive] (Produced by Nexon Games / Distributed by Nexon Korea) is now available for pre-order! [Blue Archive], known for its unique anime-style visuals, captivating characters, and a solid storyline, has gained popularity not only in Korea but also in the global market over time. The high-quality OST has been highly praised and even led to the organization of a music concert called "Sound Archive."

After releasing its first album as a game OST in November of last year, which remarkably made its way to best-seller lists on various music retail sites, Nexon Korea, in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the [Blue Archive] service, is releasing the second OST package to express their gratitude to all the players who have been part of this journey.

This OST album includes a total of 21 tracks, with one of the most iconic tracks, "Pixel Time," associated with the game development department students and tracks that allow both students and teachers to reminisce about their experiences, such as "Luminous Memory," "Koi is Love," "Water Drop," "Neo City Dive," "Bunny Bunny Carrot Carrot," "Hello to Halo," "Oxygen Destroyer," "Undefined Behavior," and more, reflecting the miraculous story of students and teachers at the school.

The OST album is available in two types: a 2-CD package and a KIT package that can be played on mobile devices. Depending on your preference, you can choose between these two options.

Additionally, the package comes with various goodies, including a 2024 calendar, keyring, game development department photo cards, stickers, and more, providing an array of choices to make your collection even more special. A special furniture coupon is also included, regardless of your package choice, making it an irresistible gift for all the players. Don't miss out on the chance to experience our miraculous story together in [Blue Archive] through this wonderful OST package.


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